//4 Surprising Statistics Regarding Truck Rollover Accidents

4 Surprising Statistics Regarding Truck Rollover Accidents

When a vehicle rolls over, the resulting damage can be catastrophic, especially if that vehicle is a large truck. Commercial drivers need to avoid rollover accidents at all costs because when they occur, they put not only the trucker at risk of serious injury and death but also everyone in the vicinity.

In general, the larger a vehicle is, the greater its chance of causing fatalities upon rolling over in an accident. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, for example, 22 percent of passenger vehicle occupant deaths occurred in rollover crashes in 2016. That same year, 55 percent of large truck occupant deaths were the result of rollover accidents.

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Read on to learn just a few surprising statistics regarding truck rollover accidents:

  1. Speeding Contributes to Nearly Half of All Truck Rollover Crashes

According to the Large Truck Crash Causation Study (LTCCS), speeding is one of the top causes of semi rollovers. Of the 239 fatal rollover crashes that researchers studied, speed played a significant role in 45 percent of them.

  1. Curves Proved to Be Fatal in Approximately One-Third of the Crashes Studied

Rounding a ramp at an excessive speed was a contributing factor for 77 of the traffic fatalities analyzed in the LTCCS. Tractor-trailers are especially susceptible to rolling over upon taking a curve too quickly because of their high center of gravity.

The leading cause of truck rollover accidents around curves is driver error. When truckers misjudge the speed at which they can enter the ramp safely, they run the risk of rolling over after taking the turn.

Unbalanced loads can also make trucks more likely to roll over when rounding a curve. In the LTCCS, 26 of the 239 rollover accidents analyzed involved poorly loaded cargo, which affected each truck’s center of gravity.

  1. Almost One-Quarter of the Crashes Studied Were the Result of Inattention

Sadly, even professional motorists fall victim to driving distractions. In the LTCCS, 54 of the rollover accidents studied occurred because the trucker was not paying attention.

  1. Most Fatal Rollovers Happen on the Highway

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a comprehensive study that reviewed a decade’s worth of data found most fatal truck rollover rashes happened on roads where the speed limit was above 55 mph.

If you sustained serious injuries in a truck rollover accident and you want to hold the trucker or loading company accountable, turn to the Cooper Law Firm. A compassionate truck accident attorney in Longview can gather evidence, interview witnesses, calculate damages, and negotiate with the opposing party on your behalf.

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