//Can You Get a Commercial Driver License in Texas After a DUI?

Can You Get a Commercial Driver License in Texas After a DUI?

Driving a commercial vehicle is a lot of responsibility. Not only are truckers accountable for the vehicle they are driving and the cargo they are carrying, but they also have an obligation to the other motorists around them.

Semi-trucks are a lot heavier than passenger vehicles, and they have much larger blind spots. Thus, it takes them longer to decelerate when there is a hazard on the road—and that’s if the trucker even spots the hazard in the first place.

Because of the risks associated with trucking and the skills required to maneuver large vehicles in traffic, truckers require a special Commercial Driver License (CDL). Each state has its own requirements for obtaining a CDL that align with the national standards.

Although these requirements can be fairly strict, they do not necessarily inhibit unsafe drivers from getting behind the wheel of a big rig. In the state of Texas, for example, individuals who want to obtain a CDL must:

  • Meet all requirements for obtaining a Commercial Learner Permit (CLP);
  • Provide proof of citizenship and residency;
  • Pass medical and vision exams;
  • Provide proof of registration and liability insurance on all personal vehicles;
  • Pass a written exam; and
  • Pass a driving test.

You will notice that the above requirements do not include passing a criminal background check. Individual employers may require trucking candidates to pass a background check, but having a clean criminal record that is free of any negative marks is not necessarily required when applying for a CDL.

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Can You Get a Commercial Driver License in Texas If You Have a DUI Conviction?

In general, it is possible for individuals with one DUI conviction on their record to obtain a CDL in the state of Texas. Neither state nor national licensing requirements for commercial drivers require a perfect driving record; however, being convicted of DUI can prevent individuals from securing employment after getting their CDL, depending on where they apply.

A reputable trucking company is unlikely to hire someone who has a tarnished driving record when there are other viable candidates for the position, but people with a DUI conviction on their record can and do become commercial truck drivers.

Receiving a DUI conviction after becoming a trucker in Texas does not necessarily affect an individual’s ability to transport cargo, either. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, people who commit alcohol-related offenses can lose their CDL for one year. After their suspension has ended, though, they can theoretically get back on the roads.

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