//How Can Commercial Truckers Eliminate Distractions When Behind the Wheel?

How Can Commercial Truckers Eliminate Distractions When Behind the Wheel?

All motorists owe a certain duty of care to those on the roads and sidewalks around them. This includes abiding by all traffic signals, following the rules of the road, and paying attention to their surroundings.

Since tractor-trailers cannot decelerate as quickly as other vehicles, distracted driving is especially dangerous among truckers. Commercial drivers need a considerable amount of time to respond to hazards, and if a distraction prevents them from acting in time, a fatal collision could result.

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Read on to learn just a few ways commercial truckers can eliminate distractions while behind the wheel:

  1. By Staying off the Phone

Using a smartphone while driving an 18-wheeler is not only incredibly dangerous, but it is also against the law. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has established specific guidelines for truckers using phones while behind the wheel.

For example, commercial drivers cannot use a handheld device at all while driving. Penalties for violating this regulation include fines and driver disqualification.

  1. By Eating During Stops

Truckers may be tempted to eat while on the road in order to save time, but doing so is never a good idea. Eating is a kind of manual distraction, which means it forces you to take your hands off the wheel. Commercial drivers should make it a point to eat only when they are stopped and to fill up on nutrient-dense foods that will keep them fuller longer.

  1. By Prepping the Vehicle Before Hitting the Road

Entering a destination into the navigation system, setting up the stereo, and adjusting the seat are just a few examples of tasks that a trucker should always complete before hitting the road. Waiting until the vehicle is in motion to adjust the climate control or mirrors will ultimately take the trucker’s attention off the road ahead, which can result in a collision.

  1. By Focusing on the Road

In addition to distractions inside the cab vying for a commercial driver’s attention, there are all kinds of potential distractions outside, as well. For example, motorists who turn to look at a collision while passing it are at risk of causing a subsequent accident.

In a perfect world, all commercial drivers would follow the tips above, but sadly, some of them do not. If you sustained injuries in a crash with a distracted trucker, contact the Cooper Law Firm.

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