//How Coronavirus Could Impact Your Truck Accident Claim in Texas

How Coronavirus Could Impact Your Truck Accident Claim in Texas

While Texas will soon be opening for business again, the lingering effects of the coronavirus pandemic are likely to remain with us for some time. If you or someone you love was hurt in a truck accident in Texas, you might be wondering how the coronavirus pandemic might impact your truck accident claim. The good news is that insurance companies are still required to honor their obligations, and if you’ve been in an accident and need to make a claim, you should move forward with the personal injury claims process. The Cooper Law Firm is a truck accident law firm in Texas that can assist you with your truck accident claim. Furthermore, the Cooper Law Firm can move forward with helping you file a lawsuit should you need to pursue a negligence claim against a truck company following an accident.

In the aftermath of a truck accident it is still important to call the police, to seek medical attention for your injuries, and to contact insurance companies about the accident. While there has been concern about the medical system being overwhelmed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the reality is that individuals who need emergency care should seek emergency care and you should follow your doctor’s instructions about following up for medical care after you are released from the hospital.

Unlike many industries that were hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, goods still need to be shipped to stores, and the trucking industry has continued to work hard to make sure our goods are transported in a timely manner. Truck drivers are considered essential workers and shipping and logistics remains an important aspect of our economy. Many truck drivers are hard-working individuals who strive to make sure they complete their deliveries on time.

Unfortunately, sometimes when truck companies or drivers cut corners, accidents can happen. In fact, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, there have been concerns that drivers who are sick may not be getting the support they need to get home or to rest. Drivers who are sick may not be as attentive behind the wheel and they could potentially pose a risk to others they encounter on the road.

While some individuals and businesses might be impacted by financial uncertainty, which has left some asking whether they should settle their personal injury claims, the trucking industry continues to be well supported and insured. So, if you’ve been hurt in a truck accident, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to pursue your claim as you would any other. This means you should be able to make a claim with the truck company’s insurance company and that you may be able to make a claim with other negligent parties who may be responsible for your crash.

So, if you’ve been in an accident, call the police, exchange information with the driver (from a safe distance; there have been reports that truck companies may not have measures or plans in place to get drivers home should they get sick), and take steps to protect your rights by contacting insurers. Finally, consider reaching out to the Cooper Law Firm, a truck accident law firm in Texas today. Or connect with USAttorneys.com to get matched with a lawyer at the Cooper Law Firm.

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