//Investigators Unsure What Caused Fatal Collision in Cedar Park

Investigators Unsure What Caused Fatal Collision in Cedar Park

According to FOX 7, a collision between an SUV and a pickup truck in Cedar Park resulted in two fatalities. The tragic accident occurred at the intersection of West Whitestone Boulevard and Walton Way in front of a strip mall.

When officers from the Cedar Park Police Department responded to the scene on a Wednesday afternoon earlier this month, they found multiple witnesses who saw the deadly crash. Some witnesses even allegedly intervened to help the victims.

Police claim people pulled one of the children who had been riding in the SUV from the wreckage. Sadly, when responders arrived, they pronounced the SUV’s passengers—both children—dead at the scene.

The woman who had been driving the SUV sustained serious injuries. Responders brought her in critical condition to St. David’s Regional Medical Center.

A female passenger who had been riding in the pickup truck received treatment for minor injuries at the scene, but she did not require hospitalization. The man driving the truck did not sustain any injuries.

Westbound Whitestone Boulevard was closed for several hours so authorities could clean up the wreckage. Investigators spent the afternoon trying to map out the collision while police diverted traffic from the scene. Officers are confident that the available evidence and witness testimony will help them determine what happened.

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How Can You Avoid Crashes at Intersections?

Motor vehicle collisions are common at intersections because drivers do not always abide by traffic signals, use their blinkers, or respect others’ right of way. Although some crashes seemingly come out of nowhere, there are steps you can take to increase your safety and reduce the risk of an accident at every intersection.

Do Not Race Yellow Lights

Yellow lights are intended to signal motorists to slow down, but a lot of drivers actually accelerate upon approaching them so as to “beat the red.” This is an incredibly dangerous practice and can eventually result in a devastating T-bone collision or pedestrian accident.

Eliminate Distractions

When you pay attention to anything other than the road ahead, you are more likely to run stop signs and red lights. You are also more likely to rear-end vehicles that are stopped at intersections. Put the phone down when behind the wheel, and eliminate other distractions until you reach your destination.

Drive Defensively

Never assume that other motorists will respect your right of way. When approaching an intersection, be prepared to stop short even if you have the green light because the drivers around you may not necessarily stop even if they have a red light.

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