//Can AI Personally Injure Us?

Can AI Personally Injure Us?

TEXAS. There are different types of artificial intelligence. There is the kind of artificial intelligence that allows you to perform a successful Google search, and that allows self-driving car companies to test their vehicles on roads, with relative success. AI is also responsible for other innovations. AI can now help doctors diagnose cancer and it can help investment companies pick the right stocks. Yet, there is another type of AI, one that has yet to be invented, and one that has many tech experts alarmed. This type of AI is known as artificial general intelligence and for many tech leaders, it is of grave concern. According to the New Yorker, Stephen Hawking warned that artificial general intelligence could result in the “end of the human race.”

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An artificial general intelligence could theoretically have all human data at its disposal. It could also be able to generate ever more intelligent machines. Artificial general intelligence would operate based on pure logic, not based on feelings as humans do. Some tech experts fear that such a consciousness would not have human morals or human empathy. Some worry that it could be dangerous.

Yet, according to Wired, what looks like “magic” is just a lot of math. Some experts believe that we have as much to fear from artificial intelligence as we have to fear our own math textbooks. Deep learning is just data, algorithms, hypothesis, and tested actions. Currently AI cannot modify itself and it cannot “learn” anything outside the pre-set “problem space” set by a coder or designer. So, people shouldn’t worry that their self-driving cars will suddenly acquire a mind of their own. In order for an AI system to work outside a given problem space, humans must alter the program and change the problem area.

Yet, there is a concern that AI can be used as a weapon. Face-recognition could be used by drones to target certain people. There has been concern that self-driving cars could be hacked to perform a terrorist attack.

Still, AI technology seems to be moving ever-closer to all-encompassing AI systems. What will this mean for the future and for personal injury law? Only time will tell.

Until then, we don’t need to look far to see ways technology has the potential to injure us right now. Our obsession with our cell phones causes thousands of accidents every year. Reliance on WebMD and social media to self-diagnose means that some of us might not visit the doctor when we should. At the end of the day, human interaction and attention matter.

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