//How Artificial Intelligence Might Impact Your Car Insurance Claim in Texas

How Artificial Intelligence Might Impact Your Car Insurance Claim in Texas

The Cooper Law Firm is a Texas car accident law firm that assists victims who have been hurt in car crashes. Our car accident attorneys can review the facts of your case, estimate the value of your claim, and negotiate with insurance adjusters for the claim you may be entitled to receive. When you report your car accident to your insurance adjuster, your insurance adjuster’s job is to review your policy, evaluate the value of your damages, and reimburse you for your losses in accordance with your policy. In the past, an adjuster would do this work manually, usually by reviewing repair bills and estimates, and by reviewing your medical bills. These days, computer programs and artificial intelligence may be tasked to crunch these numbers. This can make the adjuster’s job more efficient, but it can sometimes leave families at a loss about where the value of their settlement came from.

Artificial intelligence is a computer program or software that has been fed large amounts of data. The program is able to make inferences about new data based on its “knowledge set” from previously imputed data. Artificial intelligence isn’t a computer that can think like a human, but it’s a computer program that can offer “intelligent” answers about specific questions. For example, computer programs can take into account various aspects of a person’s driving history, look at where the person lives, and how much they drive, and assess the driver’s risk, allowing your insurance company to offer you a more competitive rate on car insurance. According to Bankrate, artificial intelligence can also be used to automate certain aspects of the claims process. For example, Computer Weekly reports that one insurance company’s AI is able to process a person’s photos from the accident scene and offer the client steps they should take next at the scene of the crash based on the photograph. Computer vision may also be able to evaluate the damage to the vehicle and estimate the costs of repairs. However, when it comes to estimating costs of repairs, both insurance companies and consumers should be cautious. Estimates may not be based on a complete understanding of the damage to a vehicle. They may not be based on the actual costs of repairs in your area. If the estimate that your insurance company gives you for repairs doesn’t match how much your mechanic is telling you that repairs might cost, it’s time to talk to a human and provide documentation from your actual losses to support your claim.

Artificial intelligence can also be used to detect fraud. If a customer provides false information that doesn’t square with the data already in the system, the computer program may be able to alert the adjuster. However, again, a computer program has limitations and sometimes situations are unique. If you believe your claim is being wrongfully denied, you may want to speak to your insurance adjuster. If you still cannot reach an agreement about the value of your claim or if your claim is being wrongfully denied, you may want to speak to a car accident attorney like the Cooper Law Firm in Texas today.

Your Role in the Car Insurance Claim Process

What is your role in the car insurance claim process after a car accident? Your role after a car accident is to let your insurance company know an accident took place, and to inform your car insurance company and the other person’s car insurance company about the accident if the other driver was at fault. When contacting the insurance company, make sure to have handy information like the location the accident took place, description of the accident or a police report, name, insurance information, and contact information of the other driver, and names of witnesses who may have seen the accident take place. When speaking to your insurance adjuster it is important to understand that the call may be recorded and that anything you say could impact your claim. If you have questions about your rights, you may want to speak to a car accident lawyer like the Cooper Law Firm in Texas who may be able to assist you with evaluating your claim. Our attorneys can review the settlement amount you have been offered in light of your damages and injuries and work with you to find a resolution that works.

A Car Accident Lawyer in Texas May Be Able to Help You

A car accident lawyer in Texas may be able to help you with your car accident claim. The Cooper Law Firm is a car accident attorney in Texas that may be able to help you negotiate various aspects of your claim, and work with your insurance adjusters to help you get the settlement you may deserve. Connect with our lawyers directly through this website, or connect with USAttorneys.com to get matched with an attorney at the Cooper Law Firm.

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