The Cooper Law Firm are Canton, Van Zandt, Mt. Pleasant, Jefferson, Paris, and Marshall, Texas tanker truck accident lawyers who may be able to assist you and your family if you or a loved one suffered a serious injury or death in a Texas tanker truck accident. Tanker trucks are large vehicles that often carry oil and other hazardous substances. Truck companies and drivers are often required to abide by strict federal laws when it comes to hours of service, loading vehicles, maintenance schedules, and licensing. When it comes to trucks that carry hazardous materials, these vehicles may require additional endorsements, including hiring drivers licensed to transport hazardous materials.

When oil tanker truck crashes happen, these trucks can be at risk of spilling oil, exploding, or fires. Fires can leave victims suffering from serious and painful burns. Oil spills can result in chemical exposure that can result in respiratory injuries and other injuries. The sheer size of these vehicles can result in serious injuries including spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, internal injuries, and more. If an oil truck spilled near your home, place of business, or in your community, the accident might be impacting the community as a whole, especially if an oil cleanup is required.

If you or a loved one were hurt in a Texas tanker truck accident, the Cooper Law Firm may be able to assist you. In the aftermath of the truck accident, you may not know what next steps to take. Truck companies are required to hold high-limit insurance policies. Navigating the claims process, and determining who is at fault following a tanker truck accident can be complex. It is important to understand what your claim might be worth when seeking a settlement from insurers and negligent parties. Sometimes families and victims are offered high value settlements. However, sometimes victims and families might be entitled to receive more money in compensation. A truck accident law firm like the Cooper Law Firm in Texas can arm you with this crucial and valuable information. Insurance companies might be responsible, but also truck companies, shipping companies, and the oil company itself could also be held accountable following an oil truck accident. The Cooper Law Firm is a truck accident attorney in Texas who may be able to assist you with navigating the claims process following a Texas tanker truck accident.

Understanding Tanker Truck Risks

When it comes to tanker trucks, many things can go wrong. Truck accidents not involving oil or hazardous materials are serious because of the sheer size of vehicles involved. But, when an oil tanker collides with another vehicle or when an accident occurs, the risks can be even greater. For example, if the tanker hasn’t been properly secured, the risk of explosion, fires, or leaks can be increased. If the tanker isn’t properly pressurized, the risk of fires, leaks, or explosions can also be higher. Another unique risk of tanker trucks is when the tank isn’t completely full. A tank that isn’t full can slosh around while the vehicle is moving along roads. This sloshing motion can destabilize the truck, resulting in a rollover accident, or an accident resulting from the driver losing control of the vehicle. If you or someone you love was hurt in a tanker truck accident, the Cooper Law Firm is a truck accident attorney that can take the time to investigate the causes of your accident. Many factors may have contributed to your accident. In addition to improper loading, improper equipment maintenance, and other mistakes, truck driver error can also contribute to tanker truck accidents. Fatigued driving, improper training, drunk driving, or driving while under the influence of illegal or prescription drugs can each contribute to these accidents. If you’ve been hurt in a truck accident, you need a truck accident attorney who can investigate the causes of your accident and fight to help you get the best possible settlement permitted under the law.

Seek Justice Following a Tanker Truck Accident in Texas

Truck companies have a responsibility to properly load trucks, to secure trucks carrying hazardous materials and oil, and to hire trained drivers with strong driving records to carry these materials when they are being shipped on highways and roads. If you or someone you love was injured in a tanker truck accident, you and your family might have the right to seek damages for your medical bills, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering damages. You may only have a limited amount of time to seek damages under the law. Contact the Cooper Law Firm today, a truck accident lawyer in Canton, Van Zandt, Mt. Pleasant, Jefferson, Paris, and Marshall, Texas to learn more about your rights and options under the law. Our lawyers fight for the rights of the injured. Truck companies have a responsibility to put safety first. We can hold truck companies accountable when negligence or neglect results in injuries.