One of the factors that make truck accidents so deadly is the potential for trucks to jackknife during a crash. Jackknife truck accidents occur when the trailer part of the truck slides sideways, ending up at a ninety-degree angle to the truck’s cabin. The risk with jackknife truck accidents is that the truck driver can lose control of the vehicle. In other accidents, the truck can slide into other lanes, and the vehicle can also roll over. The result? A heavy vehicle can hit other cars, resulting in crushing accidents, or major collisions. Many jackknife accidents occur on slippery or wintry road conditions. However, truck drivers also have a role to play in preventing jackknife accidents. In many instances, a combination of factors, including driver negligence, speed, and failure to drive safely for road conditions contributes to truck jackknife crashes. If you or a loved one have been hurt in a jackknife accident in Canton, Van Zandt, Mt. Pleasant, Jefferson, Paris, or Marshall, Texas, the Cooper Law Firm are truck accident lawyers who may be able to assist you in seeking damages for your lost wages, medical costs, and pain and suffering.


How Truck Drivers Can Prevent Jackknife Accidents in Texas


Many jackknife accidents are highly preventable. According to How Stuff Works, jackknife accidents occur when a truck’s wheels lose traction. What will often happen is some of the truck’s wheels will maintain traction, while other wheels might not maintain traction on the road. Many jackknife crashes begin as skids that either cannot be corrected or aren’t properly corrected. What can truck drivers do to prevent jackknife accidents?


  • Maintain a safe speed for road conditions. Braking suddenly on slick roads can increase the risk that the truck might jackknife. However, sudden braking can be avoided if drivers maintain a safe speed for road conditions. This means drivers should maintain slower speeds on snowy, icy, or rainy roads. Truck drivers should also always obey speed limits for highways and turns because these guidelines are designed to prevent these very kinds of accidents.
  • Drivers should be properly trained in how to negotiate turns. Jackknife accidents can occur when trucks are negotiating sharp turns and when drivers fail to properly manage their braking. Proper training and maintaining safe speeds on sharp turns can go a long way to preventing many jackknife accidents.
  • Truck companies should make sure that a truck’s anti-lock brakes are in working order. Anti-lock brakes can prevent many jackknife accidents. Trucks should also have working brakes and properly-maintained tires. When truck companies cut corners and fail to maintain their vehicles, tires can fail, brakes can fail, and a truck can end up jackknifing.
  • Updating vehicle technology. Properly updated vehicle technology can prevent many jackknifing accidents from taking place. Modern trucks are often equipped with a range of measures to prevent accidents. However, sometimes truck companies choose their bottom lines above driver and public safety, which can make older fleets prone to more serious accidents.
  • Companies should properly load their trucks. Improperly loaded trucks can destabilize the tractor trailer, putting a truck at risk of rolling over. Overloaded and underloaded trucks can pose a risk to other drivers on the road.


These are just some of the causes of truck jackknife accidents. If you or a loved one have been hurt in a truck jackknife accident, you may be facing serious disability as a result of your injuries, may be struggling to make ends meet, and may be wondering what your next steps should be. You may only have a limited amount of time to make a claim under the law. The Cooper Law Firm are truck accident lawyers in Texas who might be able to assist you with seeking damages from negligent truck companies, drivers, and shippers, and with making a claim with truck insurance companies. Contact our firm today to help you with your claim.


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A jackknife accident can lead to truck rollover, or can lead to vehicle underride accidents, especially if the tractor trailer slides into other lanes on major highways. These accidents can be serious and deadly. Victims may suffer from a range of long-term injuries, may face high medical bills, and may wonder how they are going to make ends meet. Truck companies have a responsibility to carry high limit insurance policies to protect drivers and other vehicles on the road. However, the claims process can sometimes be complex. If you or a loved one were hurt in a Texas truck accident, you may have the right to make a claim under the law. Contact the Cooper Law Firm, truck accident attorneys in Texas today to learn more about how we may be able to help you.