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If you are suffering from chronic pain after a car accident or truck accident in Canton, Van Zandt, Mt. Pleasant, Jefferson, Paris, and Marshall, Texas, you may have the right to seek damages for medical costs, lost wages due to missed time from work, and you may also be entitled to seek compensation for your pain and suffering. Back injuries, neck injuries, and the psychological impact of a car or truck accident can leave individuals suffering from serious chronic pain. Unlike physically-visible injuries, chronic pain can go undiagnosed unless an individual seeks medical attention. If you are suffering from pain after an accident, it is important to speak up and to seek help.

Pain can impact all aspects of your life. It can affect your ability to work, your ability to care for your children, and your ability to engage in regular life activities. Rehabilitative care can make a big difference in terms of helping patients live with chronic pain after a car accident. However, proper rehabilitative care can often be costly and most patients who may already be struggling to make ends meet to cover lost wages and medical bills may find themselves struggling to pay for rehabilitative care. The Cooper Law Firm is a personal injury lawyer in Omaha, Nebraska who can assist you with making a pain and suffering claim following a car accident or following a personal injury resulting from another person’s negligence or neglect.

Treatments for Chronic Pain After Personal Injury


Pain can be difficult to treat because, unlike other conditions, it is not visible. Doctors and pain management specialists rely on patients to determine the severity of pain and to determine whether a specific pain management treatment is working. Each person’s experience of pain is unique and also the kind of treatment that will work for you will depend largely on your needs and the pain management treatments to which you respond. In the aftermath of a car or truck accident, or after a slip and fall accident, back pain, neck pain, and other types of pain can persist for weeks or months, even after a person receives treatment for the initial injury. What are some options you might have if you are suffering from chronic pain after a car or truck accident?

  • Physical Therapy. The best kind of pain management is the technique that will involve limited use of medications, which can become addictive. Physical therapy is considered one of the most effective pain management tools, because professionals can help you strengthen your muscles, stretch your body to alleviate tension, and provide you with exercise that can alleviate your pain. Exercise can release the body’s natural endorphins, which can help you manage pain. A physical therapist can guide you in safely performing exercise after an injury so that you don’t cause further injury and strengthen your body to prevent injury in the future. Unfortunately, quality rehabilitative treatment may not always be completely covered by some insurance and can be costly for patients. Fortunately, if you have been injured due to another person’s negligence in a car or truck accident, you may be entitled to seek damages from the negligent party or from insurance company and this money may be able to assist you in paying for rehab expenses. Contact the Cooper Law Firm, personal injury lawyers in Texas today to learn more about your options and rights under the law.
  • Prescription and Non-Prescription Painkillers. While painkillers can be addictive, sometimes patients are prescribed these drugs for a short period of time to get them through the most painful part of an injury. In some cases, patients might be prescribed painkillers to help them perform the initial rehabilitative exercises they need to perform to get moving. However, when taking any painkiller to manage your pain, it is important to speak to your doctor about the habit-forming nature of many of these drugs. Non-prescription painkillers can also be used to reduce inflammation and to alleviate minor aches following a car, truck, or other accident.
  • Spinal Cord Stimulation. A spinal cord stimulator is a device that can be implanted into a patient’s body. The device sends out electrical signals that can interfere with pain signals. TENS therapies can work in a similar manner. By sending out electrical signals that interfere with pain signals, patients can see a reduction in pain.
  • Massage and Chiropractic Care. For some patients, alternative therapies like massage and chiropractic care can alleviate pain. If you are having trouble affording alternative therapies following a car or truck accident, you may be entitled to seek damages from negligent parties or make an insurance claim. The Cooper Law Firm is a personal injury lawyer in Texas who may be able to assist you with this process.
  • The pain following a car or truck accident isn’t always physical. Some individuals suffer from depression or anxiety following a crash. In some cases, the depression or anxiety isn’t serious enough to get a diagnosis of PTSD, but is serious enough to require management. Physical pain can also leave individuals feeling sad, depressed, or anxious. Counseling can help patients manage both the physical component of their pain and their emotional reactions to pain.
  • With meditation, patients can learn to sit with pain and wait for it to pass. Anxiety regarding anticipating pain can make pain harder to manage. For some, meditation can help patients manage their pain without medication.
  • While acupuncture is often presented as an alternative therapy, there is quite a bit of research that shows that acupuncture can be effective in managing pain. Some researchers believe that the needles used during acupuncture are able to help patients release their natural endorphins.

If you have been hurt in a car, truck, or other kind of accident in Canton, Van Zandt, Mt. Pleasant, Jefferson, Paris, and Marshall, Texas, you may have the right to make an insurance claim or have the right to seek damages for your medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Pain and suffering claims are no less important than any other aspect of your personal injury claim. Let the Cooper Law Firm, personal injury attorneys in Texas, help you today.

Seeking Pain and Suffering Damages in Texas


Pain and suffering damages tend to be the most subjective aspect of a personal injury claim, but this aspect of your  claim is incredibly important. Personal injury lawyers generally use special formulas to estimate the value of your pain and suffering damages. The more serious your injury and the more your injury is likely to impact your life, the more damages you may be entitled to receive. The Cooper Law Firm is a personal injury lawyer in Texas who can use special pain and suffering damages formulas to help you understand what you might be entitled to receive under the law. Contact our firm today to learn more.

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