//How to Be Safe While Driving a Moving Truck

How to Be Safe While Driving a Moving Truck

TYLER and LONGVIEW, Texas. If you’re moving and planning to drive your moving truck yourself, it is important to consider what steps you’ll take to keep yourself safe. Driving a moving truck is a little different than driving a passenger vehicle. Unlike a passenger vehicle, the sheer size and weight of the moving truck can change everything about driving: from your turning radius to the time you’ll need to stop. So, how can you be safe while driving a moving truck during your next move? Here are some tips:

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  • Consider your blind spots. If you’re driving a truck, it is important to remember that trucks have wider blind spots than passenger vehicles. According to Jalopnik, it might be obvious, but there’s no center rear-view mirror, which significantly limits your line of sight.
  • When renting a truck, ask for the newest model. You want as many safety features as possible, don’t you? When renting, you have the gift of choice. Choose a renting company that offers newer model trucks.
  • Consider hiring professional movers. Professional movers might even drive the truck for you, or provide one of their own! If you can’t afford professional movers for a cross-country trip, you can still hire them to load the truck for you. You don’t want your things moving around in transit. Not only does this pose a risk to your things, but it also puts your truck at risk on the road. A sudden shift could cause you to lose control of the vehicle, or worse.
  • Go slowly. Sharp turns are a real risk. If you go too fast, you can literally tip over. Use your breaks, but remember that you will need more time to stop in a truck than you would in a passenger vehicle.
  • Use your mirrors, but remember that you have blind spots.
  • Exercise caution when changing lanes. Avoid putting yourself in a position where you’ll have to merge onto a right lane from the left, because this is where your blind spot is widest. This means that if you need to drive on the highway, you should just remain in the right lane. You shouldn’t be passing other cars. Go slower than traffic. You’re in a truck, after all. If you absolutely must make a merge from the left to the right, use your mirrors, and if you can, get help from your passenger.
  • Rent the smallest possible truck for your needs. According to Apartment Guide, smaller is better when it comes to moving. If you can move with a van or a car, do it.
  • Don’t back up, if at all possible. You can see the least right behind you.
  • Familiarize yourself with the drive. Driving on the interstate in your car is very different than driving in a truck. If you’re going for a long-haul drive, plan regular breaks and don’t stay on the road longer than 8 hours. Consider federal hours of service laws. Truck drivers aren’t permitted to drive longer than 11 hour shifts. You should aim for much less than this.

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