Truck Accident Lawyers in Tyler, Texas

 If you’ve been in a truck accident, you may have many questions. You may wonder how you’ll pay your medical expenses. And you may wonder what your accident claim is worth. The Cooper Law Firm are truck accident attorneys in Tyler, Texas who assist victims and families who have been injured due to the negligence or neglect of a truck driver or truck company.

According to Logistics Management, in 2014 alone, the trucking industry grossed over $700 billion. The trucking industry is big business. Drivers are required to carry high insurance policies, sometimes as high as $1 million dollars to protect them in the event of an accident. Like any large industry, companies try to keep costs down. However, sometimes drivers and companies put their bottom lines above public safety. Drivers may be pressured to put in longer hours, which can result in fatigued driving. Companies may not maintain their trucks. Sometimes younger drivers are put behind the wheel, and this inexperience results in accidents. While truck companies are required to vet drivers, sometimes drivers drive drunk or use dangerous prescription painkillers while behind the wheel. Unfortunately, when a truck driver makes a mistake, the people who most often get hurt are the innocent drivers or passengers on the road.

If you or a loved one was injured in a truck accident, you may be entitled to collect a recovery from negligent drivers, companies, or from their insurance providers. You may be entitled to receive money to cover medical care, rehabilitative services, lost wages, and pain and suffering damages. The Cooper Law Firm are semi truck accident attorneys in Tyler, Texas who work closely with individuals to help them seek justice when a truck driver or company’s negligence resulted in an accident or injury.

Why Truck Accident Claims Can be Complex

 Unlike car accidents involving passenger vehicles, truck accident claims can be highly complex. There may be many negligent stakeholders involved. After an accident, victims can seek recovery from those who are responsible for the accident. In the case of a truck accident, there may be many responsible parties. These parties could include the truck driver, the truck company, the shipping company, their insurers, and possibly even the manufacturer of the truck’s brakes or tires. Additionally, truck drivers and companies are required to abide by strict federal and local laws. When truck drivers and companies break these laws, they put everyone’s safety at risk. Individuals who are injured as a result may be entitled to collect damages for their injuries.

You need a truck accident attorney in Tyler, Texas like the Cooper Law Firm. Our lawyers are versed in Texas and federal law. We can review the facts of your case, speak to witnesses, review log books, perform investigations, write demand letters, and speak to adjusters. Our firm can review all factors that could play a role in your accident. Here are some things we may consider:

  • Log Books: Truck drivers are required to abide by federal hours of service laws that limit how long a driver can be behind the wheel without taking a break. While many drivers abide by the law, some drivers may work longer hours than they are legally permitted. Sometimes drivers may even falsify log books in order to hide this. The Cooper Law Firm are semi truck accident attorneys in Tyler, Texas who can review log books. Additionally, our firm can review shipping delivery times to see if they accord with the driver’s log books. As technology tracks goods as they are shipped across the country, truck accident lawyers have more ways to investigate a case.
  • Drug testing and medical records: Truck drivers are required to pass physical tests. However, sometimes a driver’s health may change, or a driver may take prescription or non-prescription drugs to stay awake. Some drivers may even drink and drive. A semi truck accident lawyer Tyler, Texas like the Cooper Law Firm can investigate how a truck company hires its drivers. Sometimes drivers who are guilty of drug or drinking and driving crimes in one state get hired as drivers in another state. Our firm leaves no stone unturned. Companies have a responsibility to properly vet their drivers.
  • Maintenance records: The Cooper Law Firm are truck accident lawyers in Tyler, Texas who can check a truck’s maintenance records. Truck companies have a responsibility to regularly check brakes and to repair tires. When companies fail to do this, accidents can occur. Tire blowouts can result in a driver losing control of a vehicle. Brake failure can lead to serious accidents.
  • Distracted driving, speeding, breaking the law: Truck drivers must abide by state laws. Some states have special laws in place that govern how fast truck drivers can drive. Other states restrict when drivers can use their cell phones. If you’ve been in a crash, the truck accident lawyers at the Cooper Law Firm in Tyler, Texas may be able to help you.

Truck accident law can be complex and can involve many different parties and stakeholders. The Cooper Law Firm, your semi truck accident attorney in Tyler, Texas, may seek compensation from multiple stakeholders on your behalf and use diverse laws to show negligence. If you’ve been hurt, you may only have a limited amount of time to make a claim. Contact the Cooper Law Firm, Tyler, Texas truck accident attorneys today.

Justice for Victims and Families

Truck accidents can leave victims and their families devastated. Victims may suffer traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, internal injuries, broken bones, and other serious injuries, which can result in missed time at work, lost wages, and immense pain and suffering. You don’t have to navigate the legal process alone. Contact the Cooper Law Firm, truck accident attorneys in Tyler, Texas today.