Car Accident Lawyers in  Jefferson, Texas

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident due to another person’s negligence, you may wonder what steps you should be taking to protect your rights. Under Texas law, injured drivers and passengers have the right to seek a recovery for their medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. You and your loved ones may be wondering how you’ll navigate the legal issues you face as you speak to adjusters and seek compensation from negligent parties. The Cooper Law Firm are car accident attorneys in Jefferson, Texas who can assist you with all aspects of your car accident case.

What You Need to Know If You’ve Been Hurt in a Car Accident in Jefferson, Texas 

There are several steps that victims and families can take to protect their rights after a car accident in Jefferson, Texas. You may only have a limited amount of time to seek a recovery for your injuries, so it is important that you take action following your car accident as soon as possible. If you’ve been seriously injured in a crash, it may be wise to speak to an auto accident attorney as soon as possible.

What you should know about fault in Texas: One of the most important questions following a car accident involves who was at fault for the accident. You can only seek a recovery for an accident if you were 50% or less at fault for the crash. However, even being considered at fault for a small percentage can result in a lower settlement for your accident. For instance, if you were found 10% at fault and your damages were found to be $1 million, you won’t be able to collect $1 million. Instead, you’ll collect $900,000, which removes the 10% of the award attributed to your fault. If you’ve been in a crash, it is important to avoid accepting fault. Determining fault should be left to a judge and jury. Provide honest facts to any officer, but never accept blame. A qualified car wreck lawyer in Jefferson, Texas can assist you with presenting evidence and building a case to help you receive the best possible compensation under the law.

What you should know about speaking to insurance adjusters: Under Texas law, the driver at fault for an accident is responsible for paying all medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages. After a crash, you may file a claim with your own insurance company or with the other driver’s insurance company. A car accident lawyer Jefferson, Texas can help you understand your rights and help you navigate the sometimes complex process of filing and accepting a claim. Before you speak to an auto accident lawyer, it is important that you avoid making any statements to adjusters. Adjusters may try to get you to accept blame or get you to accept a lower settlement than you may deserve. A car accident lawyer can review the facts of your case, determine a fair value for your claim, and help you fight for the best possible compensation permitted under the law.

What you should know about prior accidents and medical conditions: If you decide to pursue a personal injury claim for your car accident, your medical history and prior medical records may face increased scrutiny. If you’ve been injured before or if you’ve received medical treatment in the past, it is important that you let your car wreck attorney know. Having a prior injury won’t automatically destroy your case. It will mean that your car accident attorney will need to provide clear evidence linking your current injuries to your car accident. It is always better to build a strong case before going to trial rather than letting the other side reveal that you’ve had prior injuries before the court.

What you should know about social media: If you’ve been in a car accident, it may be a good idea to limit your time on social media. Anything you say (and anything your friends and family say, for that matter) can impact your case. Your auto accident lawyer in Jefferson, Texas can provide guidelines for how to address social media.

The days, weeks, and months following a car accident can be stressful for everyone involved. Families may face new medical expenses. Loved ones may struggle with how to care for a newly injured family member. In the stress following an accident, the details matter. This is why it is wise to seek the assistance of The Cooper Law Firm, car wreck lawyers in Jefferson, Texas.

Protect Yourself and Your Family After a Crash 

The Cooper Law Firm takes the time to carefully evaluate all cases that come through our door and help our clients find the best possible solution to their legal concerns. We offer compassionate and caring council to individuals who have suffered an injury due to another driver’s negligence. We can help you and your loved ones receive the compensation you may deserve under the law. Contact us today to learn more.