Truck Accident Lawyers in Jefferson, Texas

If you’ve been in a truck accident in Jefferson, Texas, you need a truck accident lawyer who can help you get the maximum compensation permitted under the law. The Cooper Law Firm understands the unique legal challenges that truck accident victims face. In order to receive the maximum compensation permitted under the law, you may need to seek a recovery from truck insurance companies, shipping companies, and from other stakeholders. The Cooper Law Firm will take the time to closely evaluate your case, help you understand your rights, estimate the value of your claim, and aggressively seek compensation from companies and responsible individuals. You may only have a limited amount of time to pursue a recovery in Texas. Speak to the Jefferson, Texas truck wreck lawyers at the Cooper Law Firm today.

What Kinds of Truck Accidents Does the Cooper Law Firm Handle in Jefferson, Texas? 

Truck accidents differ from other kinds of motor vehicle collisions. This is why you need a truck wreck attorney in Jefferson, Texas fighting for your rights. Our truck accident lawyers can investigate a company’s track record for safety and uncover cases where truck companies go wrong. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury in a truck accident, don’t accept blame and don’t accept a lower settlement from insurance if you believe you deserve more. Instead, contact the Cooper Law Firm, a qualified truck wreck lawyer in Jefferson, Texas today. What are some factors that a qualified truck accident lawyer will investigate? Here are a few major issues facing the trucking industry:

  • Bad brakes: Equipment failure is a major contributor to truck accidents. In fact, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, brake failure was listed as one of the top ten contributing factors that resulted in truck accidents in the United States. Truck companies and operators should regularly inspect brakes for normal wear and tear. While companies should repair brakes as soon as they notice difficulties, some companies put their bottom lines above safety. In some cases, drivers or companies may even tamper with breaks to reduce wear and tear. This tampering can make brakes less effective, in some cases. When brakes fail, this can be due to driver error, or due to the company choosing to put loads on the truck that the brakes cannot handle. In some cases, the brake manufacturer may be to blame for installing or manufacturing defective equipment. Federal regulations dictate how a truck’s brakes should function. If your accident was the result of faulty brakes, you could easily find yourself riding a corporate merry-go-round of blame where the company blames the brake manufacturer who then blames the driver for misuse. This is why you need a qualified truck accident lawyer who understands the law and who can identify the precise stakeholders who are accountable for your accident. Your lawyer can look into federal recalls, maintenance records, inspection records, and loading records.
  • Tire blowouts: Another type of equipment failure that can lead to a truck accident is defective tires. Sometimes tires blow out due to manufacturing defects. But in some cases, tires can blow out due to a truck company’s failure to maintain the vehicle. Improperly set brakes can cause a tire to overheat and blow out. Tires that aren’t regularly checked and changed may not be fit for the road. Truck drivers and companies should perform regular inspections and even daily pre-trip inspections to prevent tire blowout. Truck companies, tire companies, and drivers will all try to protect their bottom lines and avoid increases in insurance rates following an accident. Victims and families need a qualified truck accident attorney working on their side to help them receive the compensation they may deserve from the appropriate negligent party.
  • Improper loading: Cargo must be properly loaded and secured in order to ensure safe driving. Loads should not be permitted to shift while a truck is in motion. When this happens, the load can become imbalanced, leading to accidents or rollovers. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration sets strict standards that truck companies and drivers must follow when securing and packing loads. When a truck jack-knifes or rolls over, a truck accident lawyer may investigate the way the truck company secured cargo.
  • Improper training or driver vetting: Truck companies have a responsibility to hire safe drivers. When truck companies fail to perform adequate background checks or fail to properly train drivers, accidents can happen. Human error is the reason that the vast majority of accidents take place. While all drivers are required to hold a commercial driver’s license, in many cases, it is up to the company to ensure that drivers are safety-conscious. A truck accident lawyer can investigate a truck company’s training practices and ask relevant questions. For instance, are drivers prohibited from using cell phones while on the job? Is it company policy to call drivers while they are on the road? Do companies have training and safety programs in place? Smaller questions, like availability of safety equipment and workplace injuries can also flag companies with inadequate safety protocols in place. A qualified truck accident lawyer in Jefferson, Texas can look into all these factors and help you and your loved ones better understand what went wrong in an accident.

Truck accident negligence is sometimes not as simple as a speeding driver or a drunk driver. In some cases, complex systems are in place, and one aspect of the system failed due to error or negligence. The Cooper Law Firm is a truck accident lawyer in Jefferson, Texas who investigates all aspects of an accident to help victims secure the maximum possible recovery under the law.

Protect Your Rights 

The truck industry is a big business in America. Like most big industries, truck companies may have teams of lawyers and insurers protecting their best interests. Individuals who have been injured in a truck accident may face a range of bureaucratic challenges as they try to seek a recovery to cover their medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. The Cooper Law Firm is a truck accident attorney in Jefferson, Texas who works closely with victims and families to help them get the recovery they may deserve. If you’ve been hurt and are struggling to pay medical expenses, you need a truck wreck lawyer in Jefferson, Texas on your side.