Longview TX Burn Injury Lawyers 

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, older adults and young children are most at risk of burns. However, individuals of all ages can also suffer burns in the workplace or due to a car accident. If you or a loved one has suffered due to a burn, you and your family may wonder what the next steps should be. In addition to seeking qualified medical care, you may wonder how you’ll pay for medical expenses, make ends meet for lost wages, and cover rehabilitation costs. The costs of caring for a serious burn injury can quickly add up. Victims of burn injuries may also require plastic or reconstructive surgery, which may not always be covered by insurance.

If your injuries were the result of another person, party, or company’s negligence or neglect, you may be entitled to seek a recovery for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering damages. The law offers important protections to those who have been hurt. The Cooper Law Firm are burn injury lawyers in Longview, Texas who can assist you with your claim. We can review the details of your case, identify negligent stakeholders, and help you fight for your rights inside or outside of court.

 Understanding Different Types of Burns

Burn injuries can be caused by fire, chemicals, or due to radiation. The seriousness of your burns and the depth of the burn will largely shape how your burn injury is treated. For instance, with first degree burns, the biggest risk is infection. Second degree burns damage the outer layer of skin and the layer underneath. Third degree burns damage all layers of skin and can damage other tissues including muscle, bone, and blood vessels. Burns can lead to scarring, hypothermia, shock, and death, if left untreated.

There are several layers of skin that a burn can affect. These layers include the epidermis (the outer layer of skin), the dermis (the middle layer), or the subcutis (the bottom layer of skin). Blood vessels, hair follicles, sweat glands, and nerves are located in the dermis. Because so many key elements of the organ are located in this layer, second and third degree burns, which affect the deeper layers of skin, can be more devastating and require longer term care.

Thermal burns are caused by fire, hot metals, hot liquids, or steam. Workers who work around hot implements should be offered proper safety equipment to prevent injury. Nursing home residents should be monitored to prevent fires and burn injuries due to smoking, which is a common cause of burn injuries among the elderly.

Chemical burns can occur if a person is exposed to certain chemicals. Workers who are employed around hazardous chemicals should receive proper training about how to use chemicals and how to protect their safety. Electrical burns can occur when individuals work with electrical currents.

If you have suffered an injury at home, on the job, or due to the neglect or negligence of another person, you may be entitled to seek a recovery for your medical expenses, missed time at work, and pain and suffering. Burn injuries can be painful and require a long recovery period. The Cooper Law Firm are  severe burn injury attorneys in Longview, Texas who may be able to help.

Do You Need a Severe Injury Lawyer in Longview, Texas? 

If you have experienced a serious or catastrophic injury, you may want to speak to the Longview, Texas severe injury lawyers at the Cooper Law Firm. If your injury will result in permanent disability, disfigurement, or lost time at work, you may wonder how much your accident claim is worth. Determining the value of a catastrophic injury claim can be complex. For instance, the severe injury attorneys at the Cooper Law Firm in Longview, Texas will look at the following:

  • Future medical expenses: While it can be relatively easy to estimate medical expenses and other costs, it can be more difficult to estimate how much future medical care will cost. Your severe injury lawyer in Longview, Texas may speak to doctors and other experts to estimate a fair value for your claim.
  • Future lost wages: Lost wages are based on current pay stubs, but estimating future lost wages can be complex. For instance, your lawyer may have to estimate average earnings in your field and justify any claim made.
  • Pain and suffering damages: With catastrophic injuries, the Cooper Law Firm may be able to justify seeking a higher pain and suffering claim. Pain and suffering damages are calculated using special formulas that multiply medical costs by another number known as a “multiplier.” The more serious your injury, the higher your multiplier. The Cooper Law Firm are severe injury attorneys who can review your lifestyle changes, disabilities, and disfigurement, and fight to justify the largest possible settlement permitted under the law.

Many factors go into estimating the value of a catastrophic or serious injury claim. The Cooper Law Firm understand the unique challenges victims and their families may face after suffering a life-changing injury. Contact our severe injury lawyers in Longview, Texas today to protect your rights.

Seek Justice and speak with a burn injury lawyer in Longview, Texas 

Whether you were injured at work, at home, or due to the neglect or negligence of another person, you have rights under the law. However, you may only have a limited amount of time to make a claim in Texas. Contact the Cooper Law Firm, Longview, Texas severe burn injury lawyers today. Our firm can offer you an honest assessment of your claim and help plan a clear roadmap forward.